V R Services
V R for Smart Education

Use Virtual Reality technology to create virtual class rooms and virtual laboratories that helps students to learn and understand the content with much ease by means of visual interactions. Many schools and colleges have already adopted to this techology enabling a better learning environment.

V R for Museums

Use Virtual Reality to bring the museums to life or create virtual museums where people can experience the visit of museums right from home. This technology enables museums to be very interative with life filled models besides the original artifacts displayed. Having a Virtual Reality Theatre at museums enables the visitors to have a interactive guided tour to the past or to have an interactive experience with the history.

V R for Industrial Training

Virtual Reality offers the best solution in creating training modules for the onboards at various industries. This helps in creating a perfectly blended immersive training modules. Thus the training can be given in best format. Architecture, Defence, Medical, Engineering, Pilot, Para gliding, Mechnical Operations etc... are some of the best use cases for creating immersive training modules.

V R for Real Estate Industry

Using this technology, now Real Estate Industry can on boards customers by showcasing with virtual experiences of upcoming projects and existing projects.The level of interaction can be as small as a 360 Video walk through where customer just watches the video footage in 360 or 360 photos to a high end very interactive 3d applications where customers can interact with objects, customize the wall / room colors, interior designs, materials, etc.. and save and use those data as part of booking the flat / apartment.

V R for Cinema Industry

Movie industry has been adopting various technologies 35mm, 70mm, Digital Cinema, Stereoscopic 3D Cinema, 4D Cinema keeping in point of giving best immersive story telling experience to the audience. Virtual Reality is the best technology that enables this dream by providing a completly immersive movie experience to the audience. Many film makers are slowly adopting to this technology to bring the next big immersive story telling cinema experience to the global audience.

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