A R Services
A R for Smart Education

Use Augmented Reality technology to create interactive and creative teaching sessions for kids. This helps to bring the visual learning to kids as close as possible.Ex: Use this technology to teach about various animals and their inhabitants, variety of vegetation and their properties, various vehicles etc...

A R for Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry can make best usage of this technology in reaching their customers even more effeciently.Example : Making vehicle brochures interactive. Create a AR app that can scan the brochure and create the vehicle model on top.Thus, showing all the features along with interactions to customize parts and colors. Customers can get complete idea on the features and can easily book the cra via app.

A R for Real Estate Industry

Augmented Reality technology can be of great help for Real Estate Industry.Example : Making project brochures interactive. Create a AR app that can scan the brochure and create the layouts just on top. Thus, showing how the building or apartment would look like. Also adding provision for customization of colors or materials helps customers to take call on design they want and finalize on spot.

A R for Furniture Industry

Now create very interesting Furniture brochures to work with AR application that is meant to showcase all the available models of your store. Your store may be online or offline it doesn't matter any more. Get all your furniture in to the hands of your customers to check out and order what they want.Example : Create a AR app that can scan the brochure / webpage / newspaper advertisement and shows all the furniture models right and there on top for the customers preview and order.

A R for Food Industry

Menu at restaurants or online can now turn into more interesting by using AR technology at its core. It may sound strange, but it's true. Creating AR application that scans the menu and shows the items which are hot and ready to get served, showcasing chef's special of the day etc... It also helps in presenting items look like, details on fat and protein contents, current price and discounts etc...

A R for Industrial Training

The most common issues in any business / industry are training the onboards, waiting for experts to solve critical issues, assurance of carrying out the process as per instructions. Augmented Reality has become one stop solution for all such cases. It helps in reducing / eliminating the human dependencies thus helping the issues to be auto taken care off. Augmented Reality is already used in many industries including machine designing, automobile industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Real Estate, Civil Architects.

A R for Museums

Museums are our library to access and gain the knowledge of our ancestors and history. Augmented Reality helps to bring this wonderful knowledge center to be more interactive by allowing use cases such as Auto Visual Guide at Museums, bringing the artifacts to live and self explainatory, allowing to cast museum artifacts along with information at homes and in many ways more.

A R for Fun

Augmented Reality is one such technology one can use to create interesting content for childern. Use cases such as fun with animals, vehicle customization, games, etc... There are no limitations on this technology. One can come up with as many interesting concepts as possible keeping interactivity and creativity at the core.

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